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I love animating, a lot. I release things, but really slowly... unless theres a huge demand, which i'm still awaiting. Leave a comment, send a message, whatever!

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Posted by Bodie - September 21st, 2009

Sup everyone, i've been working on my madness submission for about two weeks now, and well... other than realising i need an extra month or four to finish it as well as i want to, i've run into some confusion regarding the actual day...

When do i submit? do i submit at any time during the 22nd? what time zone is it based around, can i submit in the last 30 minutes of the 22nd and still be counted? will this screw me up somehow? i feel that maybe there needs to be an actual competitions page set up for each comp to define these sort of things.

If anyone could help me out it'd be greatly appreciated :D

Posted by Bodie - September 6th, 2009

So i'm planning on entering something in this year's madness day competition.

My animation is going to be quite different to most others, its going to be in 3d! I've made the basic character rigs up, and i'm currently working on basic scene layouts and rigging.

For a little teaser, heres a quick still i rendered out using a stereoscopic camera, just so you can all have a nice feel of how 3d it actually is :P so put those 3d glasses on.

Madness Day Entry

Posted by Bodie - November 8th, 2008

Hey everyone, i've started designing shirts, here they are below.
You can choose to get them in heaps of different colours, and a few different styles, and all the sizes you need.

Just put this one up, hope you like it
Faces of Gir

Toaster Forker(with text)

Grammar are awesome

Outer Space Horse

Toaster Forker

Check out the shirts i designed!

Posted by Bodie - August 19th, 2008

I'm hoping to bring a new How Not To Die movie out soon, i'm not sure wether i should release the extended version of my last one(i didnt add sound to most of the last one, so i didnt include them in the release), as well as some new ones that i've done since then.

Any ideas? would it be annoying for people if i include the old ones as well? i really did like them.

a new How Not To Die, hopefully soon

Posted by Bodie - January 23rd, 2008

Hey everyone, for those of you that dont know, i've been making movies called 'how not to die', its just a bunch of little animations that show you exactly what not to do if you enjoy living.
Heres the link to my latest HNTD movie: How not to die'

Anyway, i am in the process of making a new one, and i'd love it if you guys had some input, if anyone has ANY ideas of their own of ways how not to die, then please go to my website www.bobostuff.com and post any ideas you have that you want to see animated in the shoutbox on the right hand column of my site ^^.

Thanks, i hope to see your suggestions soon ^^.

How not to die, submit your ideas!

Posted by Bodie - December 14th, 2007

Hehe, i've had my 'How not to die' cartoon on the front page since i released it, now... i'm not about to complain... but its still there, and everything else on the front page has changed, anyone got any idea as to why mine would stay on longer than others?

New movie coming soon btw ^^

Posted by Bodie - December 4th, 2007

Hah! i love it! thanks everyone, for voting for my movie and whatnot. my movie 'how not to die' has been put on the front page, i'm so happy about it :-). I said to myself earlier in the year that i will make a cartoon that will make it onto the front page by the end of 2007, and here i am! :) hope you all liked it.

here it is by the way:
How not to die'

Posted by Bodie - December 4th, 2007

i made my first submission last night that i have in like, a year almost... hope you all like it, more coming soon! hopefully even better.