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Madness Day Entry

2009-09-06 10:35:31 by Bodie

So i'm planning on entering something in this year's madness day competition.

My animation is going to be quite different to most others, its going to be in 3d! I've made the basic character rigs up, and i'm currently working on basic scene layouts and rigging.

For a little teaser, heres a quick still i rendered out using a stereoscopic camera, just so you can all have a nice feel of how 3d it actually is :P so put those 3d glasses on.

Madness Day Entry


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2009-09-06 10:54:42

3D and rotoscopeo is for gay guys with no sense of animation traditional

Bodie responds:

I agree with you on the rotoscoping, and i'll agree that 2d is a much more artistic form of animation, but theres certainly no reason 3d can't make for a great medium to animate with.

Have a bit more of an open mind.

And learn to english buttface


2009-09-06 10:57:50

nice now thats thinking out of da box^^


2009-09-06 10:59:16

It doesn't work. My glasses don't lie. the colors are spread out too much.

Bodie responds:

Its just because that picture ended up getting resized quite small, heres a link to a full sized version. /madness%20test.png


2009-09-06 11:08:49

lol sorry, i did not want to offend

but using 3D can even make your job much size and can not last long

and make blood in 3D is hard, but you can use effect with other sofware

good luck sir

Bodie responds:

Your points are very valid, and i would have agreed with you... but once you have all the 3d objects set up, like the character rig and whatnot, the time it takes to animate is reduced quite a lot, i certainly wouldnt say it will take me longer than 2d, but i guess we shall see :-)


2009-09-06 11:35:04

Hope it turns out great can't wait for it the competition looks tough though good luck!


2009-09-06 11:43:57

make it in that new fangled real 3d stuff


2009-09-06 12:37:54

That's a genius idea. Really looking forward to it. I just need some of those fancy 3d glasses.

Bodie responds:

I had some lying around from when the local newspaper gave them out for some 3d tv movie thing, but you can make them out of clear coloured plastic.... the easiest way is probably to go to your local target, and theres usually 3d glasses in kids books... and the books cost next to nothing.

i will most definitely have a non stereoscopic version released too, but it wont be as cool.


2009-09-06 12:54:28

Where can I get some glasses...


2009-09-06 13:42:52

I kept those glasses from watching UP.
I put them on and nothing happened


Bodie responds:

Pretty sure that modern 3d technology that films use in the cinema works with different colours, or with polarised lenses or something, i'm not entirely sure but its a slightly different way of working. Get some old red and blue glasses and it should work :) although it does take a little bit for your eyes to adjust once you put them on.


2009-09-06 13:56:52

looks cool looking forward to it and so what if its 3d it looks cool


2009-09-06 14:11:30

You should make it optional to view in 3D, for those of us who do not own 3D glasses.

Bodie responds:

Yeah my #1 priority will be to release it without stereoscopic view, but if it doesnt add too much extra space i will just have an option to watch in 3d.


2009-09-06 14:13:59

I like the idea.

Make sure you have a button to turn it into 2D again, I don't know many people with a convenient pair of 3D glasses sitting around.

Bodie responds:

Yeah dont worry, there will be an option :)


2009-09-06 15:08:56

Bodie, you rule.
All your animations are great, especially the half-life one, I've seen it a few years ago and I loved it!

Good luck on your madness entry!

Bodie responds:

Haha, the halflife one was my first ever animation :-) its so old and crude, but it makes me smile knowing that even in its simplicity it made at least one person laugh that wasnt my mum(pretty sure she was just pretending to find it funny to be encouraging).


2009-09-06 16:33:25

could you give a link to make my own 3D glasses[hint]


2009-09-06 16:49:10

Thats awesome dude! It will be such a cool thing. Very original to have a 3D animation on the web. I am very exited!