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Madness day question!

2009-09-21 07:15:50 by Bodie

Sup everyone, i've been working on my madness submission for about two weeks now, and well... other than realising i need an extra month or four to finish it as well as i want to, i've run into some confusion regarding the actual day...

When do i submit? do i submit at any time during the 22nd? what time zone is it based around, can i submit in the last 30 minutes of the 22nd and still be counted? will this screw me up somehow? i feel that maybe there needs to be an actual competitions page set up for each comp to define these sort of things.

If anyone could help me out it'd be greatly appreciated :D


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2009-09-21 07:24:55

Wait a minute? How can you submit it if you need an extra month?


2009-09-21 08:03:34

I agree with trudog.

You can submit it at any time on 22nd september and it will count,and probably be in madness 09 collection.


2009-09-21 08:56:32



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